Scribner's Catskill Lodge Earns Coveted Spot on Travel + Leisure's Best New Hotels List

In the middle of the picturesque Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, The Rounds at Scribner's Catskill Lodge has garnered national recognition. This luxurious cabin retreat has been named one of the Travel + Leisure's World's Best New Hotels of 2024.

A Cut Above the Rest

Scribner's Catskill Lodge, once a classic motor lodge, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Travel + Leisure highlights the property's new crown jewels: 11 stunning, stand-alone cabins nestled serenely uphill from the original lodge. These cabins redefine rustic luxury, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Catskills while enjoying top-notch amenities.

In Good Company

Scribner's Catskill Lodge finds itself in esteemed company on Travel + Leisure's prestigious list. Sharing the spotlight are iconic properties like the Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel, a meticulously restored former convent perched on Italy's Amalfi Coast, and Dawn Ranch, a luxurious glamping retreat nestled amongst the redwoods of California's Sonoma County.

A Destination for Discerning Travelers

The inclusion of The Rounds at Scribner's Catskill Lodge on Travel + Leisure's list underscores the growing appeal of Upstate New York as a luxury travel destination. Scribner's Catskill Lodge caters to discerning travelers seeking a unique blend of nature, relaxation, and upscale accommodations.

Beyond the Cabins

While the new cabins are undoubtedly a major draw, it's likely Scribner's Catskill Lodge's holistic approach to hospitality that impressed Travel + Leisure. Guests can likely expect a combination of factors that contribute to their experience, including:

  • Proximity to outdoor activities: The Catskills offer a plethora of outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to fishing and kayaking.
  • On-site dining: The possibility of delectable cuisine experiences within the lodge itself.
  • Spa services: A chance to unwind and rejuvenate with pampering spa treatments.
  • Historical charm: The opportunity to connect with the heritage of the Catskills region, potentially through the revitalized aspects of the original motor lodge.

A Beacon for Upstate New York Tourism

The recognition bestowed upon The Rounds at Scribner's Catskill Lodge is a boon for Upstate New York tourism. This prestigious nod from Travel + Leisure is likely to place a spotlight on the region's burgeoning luxury travel scene, enticing travelers seeking unique and unforgettable experiences.