Striking X-Shaped Cabin Designed by Tall Architects in Alabama

A unique cabin with a striking X-shaped design has been built in Theodore, Alabama by Tall Architects. The Fowl River Cabin, completed in 2023, features two stacked gabled forms rotated to create the distinctive X and clad in corrugated metal for a modern look.

The 2,100-square-foot cabin prioritizes its natural surroundings. "We focused heavily on how the building would interact with the river, trees, and existing features on the site," explained the Tall Architects team. Careful analysis ensured minimal disruption to the environment while maximizing river views and access.

Elevated on steel columns to meet flood regulations, the cabin utilizes black corrugated metal for its exterior. This material choice offered several benefits: affordability, easy installation, and resilience against the area's frequent strong winds and rain. The recycled metal can also be disassembled for repairs or future use.

"The unique angles and shadows created by the X-shape add dynamism to the cabin," noted the architects. "Despite its modest size, the design provides a variety of engaging spaces that seamlessly connect the interior and exterior."

The lower level houses an open-plan living area, dining area, and kitchen, along with a bedroom suite. The central core and staircase are located at the intersection of the X, while the upper floor offers two additional bedrooms, a porch, and a cantilevered section that creates a sheltered porch and connects to a deck.

The interior design, envisioned by owner Jill Dupre, stands in contrast to the moody exterior. It features a light, bright, and airy feel with natural wood flooring, white paint, and metallic details.

Sustainability was also a key consideration. Natural ventilation is achieved through the layout and window placement, while the elevated foundation allows for cool air circulation. Solar panels mounted on specific roof sections contribute to renewable energy generation.

The Fowl River Cabin joins a growing trend of black-clad cabin designs, following similar projects like the gabled woodland cabin in Basque Country and a linear cabin for multiple families in Oklahoma.