Fly Like Royalty: Etihad's Apartment in the Sky Takes Off from NYC

Forget reclining seats and cramped quarters. Etihad Airways is bringing a whole new level of luxury to transatlantic travel with their "Residence" option, now available for booking on flights from New York City to Abu Dhabi. This isn't just first class – it's a full-fledged apartment at 30,000 feet.

Etihad Airways

Imagine This: A Private Oasis in the Clouds

The Residence goes beyond the typical first-class experience. It's a three-room sanctuary featuring:

  • A private living room: Complete with plush seating, a spacious table, and ample storage, this is your personal lounge area to relax, dine, or work.
  • A separate bedroom: Outfitted with a comfortable double bed and luxurious linens, this ensures a peaceful night's sleep during your long-haul flight.
  • An ensuite bathroom: Featuring a shower and all the amenities you'd expect in a high-end hotel room, freshening up mid-flight is a breeze.

The Residence comfortably accommodates up to two passengers, making it ideal for couples or traveling companions who desire ultimate privacy and comfort.

Luxury Beyond the Suite

The Residence experience extends far beyond the suite itself. Passengers can expect:

  • Exclusive chauffeur service: Arrive at the airport in style with a complimentary pick-up and drop-off in a luxury car.
  • Priority check-in and lounge access: Enjoy expedited service and unwind in a private lounge before your flight, indulging in gourmet refreshments and unparalleled comfort.
  • A la carte dining: Savor a personalized dining experience with an extensive menu featuring gourmet cuisine and an impressive wine list. Your personal chef will prepare your meals exactly when you desire.
  • In-flight shower room: Take a refreshing shower mid-flight and arrive at your destination feeling rejuvenated.
  • Dedicated service: A personal Savoy-trained butler caters to your every need, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable journey.

The Price Tag of a Palace in the Sky

While the price isn't publicly advertised, expect the Residence to cost tens of thousands of dollars – significantly more than a standard first-class ticket. However, for those seeking an unparalleled travel experience that rivals a luxury hotel stay, the Residence offers an unmatched level of comfort, privacy, and service.

Experience NYC to Abu Dhabi Like Never Before

If you're looking to travel from New York City to Abu Dhabi in unparalleled style, the Etihad Residence is the ultimate indulgence. With its private sanctuary, personalized service, and luxurious amenities, it's an experience that will redefine air travel for you.