Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Announces Fee Increase for Campgrounds and Cabins

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is implementing changes to its campground and cabin fees starting May 17, 2024. Here's a breakdown of the new fee structure:

Campground Fee Increases:

  • Hidden Lake Campground: All campsites at Hidden Lake will see a price increase to $15 per night. This applies to all loops within the campground (Skyview, Lake Loop, and Ridge Loop).
  • Upper Skilak Campground: Drive-in campsites will increase to $15 per night, while walk-in sites will be $10 per night.

New Reservation System for Hidden Lake's Skyview Loop:

The Skyview Loop at Hidden Lake Campground will become reservation-only. Bookings can be made online through ( An additional $10 reservation fee will apply on top of the nightly campsite fee. This change aims to provide more control over campsite availability within this popular area.

Cabin Fee Increases:

  • Historic Cabins: The nightly rate for historic cabins will increase to $45. These cabins include Big Bay, Big Indian Creek, Caribou Island, Doroshin Bay, Nurse's Pipe Creek, and Vogel Lake.
  • Contemporary Cabins: The nightly rate for contemporary cabins will increase to $55. These cabins offer more modern amenities and include Dolly Varden, Engineer Lake, Kelly Lake, McLain Lake, Pincher Creek, Snag Lake, and Upper Ohmer Lake.

Why the Fee Increase?

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge emphasizes that these fee adjustments are necessary to maintain the high quality of visitor services and programs offered throughout the year. The additional revenue will directly support the refuge's efforts in providing a safe and enjoyable experience for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who explore the refuge annually.

Free Campgrounds Remain Unaffected

It's important to note that these fee changes only apply to specific campgrounds and cabins within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Other refuge campgrounds that are currently free to use will remain so.

Planning Your Trip

If you're planning a camping or cabin stay at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge this summer, be sure to factor in the new fee structure. For those seeking a guaranteed spot in a scenic location, consider booking a campsite at the Skyview Loop through (