Sustainable Style, Off-Grid Comfort: The Livable Original Carbon-Neutral Cabin

The housing sector is undergoing a transformative process, aiming to reduce environmental footprints while ensuring affordable comfort for as many individuals as possible. An exemplification of this contemporary trend is found in pre-fabricated, fully-mobile cabins designed for off-the-grid living. One notable player in this field is Salty Builds, a young and enthusiastic tiny house company based in Byron Bay, Australia. Founder Dave Wilkinson is committed to sustainable, carbon-neutral housing alternatives that prioritize modern comfort without compromising on environmental responsibility.

The Livable Original - A Modern Retreat:

At the forefront of Salty Builds' offerings is the Livable Original, an intriguing model that embodies comfort and sustainability. This pre-fabricated mobile cabin, mounted on a durable galvanized steel chassis, is easily transportable, making it an ideal choice for those seeking adventurous lives on the road. Despite its mobility, the Livable Original maintains the coziness of a traditional home, featuring a classic single-level configuration with a spacious bathroom, an informal lounge, a modern kitchen, and a fully equipped bedroom.

Design Features:

The Livable Original adheres to the popular Australian and New Zealand preference for single-level cabins with extended lengths. Its design emphasizes an indoor/outdoor flow with extensive glazing, creating an illusion of transparency through large windows and glass doors. The exterior boasts termite-resistant timber frames, utilizing the special Abodo Vulcan range timber. Aluminum windows with SP10 SmartGlass, solid hardwood flooring, and plywood cabinets contribute to both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Sustainable Construction:

Sustainability is a core focus in the construction of the Livable Original. Carbon-neutral materials and techniques were employed, and the cabin is equipped for off-grid living, minimizing its environmental footprint. Features such as a solar package with batteries, a high-quality composting toilet, and eco-friendly fiberglass earth wool insulation showcase Salty Builds' commitment to eco-conscious living.

Luxurious Living Spaces:

Measuring at 22.75 square meters (245 square feet), the Livable Original provides luxurious living in a compact space. The bedroom, separated by a discrete sliding door, accommodates a queen-sized bed with ample storage. The bathroom showcases elegant stone-tiled floors, a custom-made concrete vanity, and a full-size shower cabin.

Contemporary Kitchen and Lounge:

The cabin's kitchen is a modern, minimalistic space, featuring a two-meter floating island that doubles as a versatile dining table. Equipped with a gas stove, slide-out range hood, farmhouse-style sink, and bi-fold doors that expand the lounge into an indoor/outdoor space, the Livable Original offers a contemporary and spacious environment for cooking and entertaining.

The Livable Original by Salty Builds is a testament to the compatibility of carbon-neutral, sustainable construction with contemporary, luxurious comfort. With its mobility, eco-friendly features, and reasonably priced at AUD 153,668 ($103,000), this tiny house not only serves as a comfortable year-round residence but also as an inviting off-grid nature retreat that can be relocated to different scenic locations.