Top Destinations in North America & the Caribbean for 2024

The motivations behind our journeys are as diverse as the destinations we select to explore. One day, we seek awe-inspiring natural landscapes and adventures that challenge our limits, while the next, we yearn for luxurious hotels and vibrant nightlife. In the vast region of North America, encompassing everything from rolling plains to mossy rainforests and majestic peaks, the pivotal question arises: How does one decide?

Top Destinations in North America & the Caribbean for 2024

There's the allure of the novel, exemplified by Detroit's eagerly anticipated Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park project and the transformation of the iconic Bonstelle Theater into an event and bar space. In Riviera Nayarit, new upscale hotels from Rosewood and St. Regis add a touch of opulence to its relaxed surf beaches.

Equally enticing is the revival of beloved classics, like Tucson's Barrio Viejo, set to receive a National Historic Landmark designation in 2024, with the restored Teatro Carmen and a host of upcoming restaurants. Mobile, Alabama, welcomes a new Amtrak route linking it to New Orleans, coinciding with a year-long focus on its African American history and a new Civil Rights and Cultural Heritage District.

Yet, the most anticipated is the chance to connect with untouched landscapes, as seen in Nunavik, Quebec, where Inuit-led adventures in the uninhabited Gyrfalcon Islands promise unparalleled access to abundant wildlife.

All this and more awaits in our compilation of the Best Places to Go in North America & the Caribbean in 2024—a celebration of the vibrant, pristine, and rejuvenating destinations that showcase the diversity of this continent. We hope this guide helps you plan your travels and discover unique ways to savor them upon arrival.