Six Holiday Retreats Crafted by Renowned Architects

While many cities provide guided tours of architecturally significant buildings, why not elevate your experience by actually staying in one? Whether you're an architecture enthusiast or simply seeking accommodation in a beautifully designed home, explore these six residences crafted by renowned architects that are available for rent.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House – Ann Arbor, Michigan

    In true Frank Lloyd Wright fashion, the Palmer House epitomizes organic architecture, where every element is intricately connected to the whole and harmoniously integrates with the environment. The house's design is centered around the equilateral triangle, with polygonal cutouts gracing both the structure and its furnishings.

  2. George Washington Smith’s Ravenscroft – Santa Barbara, California

    Ravenscroft stands as a local architectural marvel in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. This gated, nine-bedroom estate boasts lavish gardens, a tennis court, a theater room, a pool, and a living room so spacious that the original owner allowed her horses to lounge in front of the fireplace.

  3. Ron Radziner’s Modernist Cabin – Joshua Tree, California

    Crafted by one of today's leading modernist architects, Ron Radziner, this breathtaking cabin seamlessly blends luxury with mid-century design. Nestled adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park, the Modernist Cabin offers wind-protected outdoor showers and light-filled interiors, providing visitors with an immersive experience inside the park.

  4. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cornwell – Kamuela, Hawaii

    The Cornwell House, the only Wright-designed home in Hawaii, is a true masterpiece. With an outdoor lava-rock hot tub overlooking a stream and mountains, towering glass doors, and a second floor suspended from a hidden steel frame, the home embodies Wright’s principles of organic architecture.

  5. Peter Pennoyer’s Catskill Park Manor House

    Designed by world-renowned architect Peter Pennoyer, the Catskill Park Manor House combines comfort, scenic views, and relaxation. Originally designed for writer Louis Auchincloss, the house features a stunning library with Auchincloss's book collection, a fire pit, zip line, and picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.

  6. Donald Wexler’s Mid-Century Modern Barbie House – Palm Springs, California

    For those still enchanted by Barbie, the Mid-Century Modern Barbie House, designed by famed Mid-Century architect Donald Wexler in 1956 for the Mattel Family, is a must-see. Paying homage to Barbie with retro-inspired decor, custom spa, and Barbie's photos adorning the walls, this unique home also offers an extensive outdoor entertaining space and a pool with a spa.