Discover the Top 10 Rental Cabins & Airbnbs in Massachusetts Perfect for Weekend Getaways

Massachusetts, a quintessential New England state, boasts the bustling city of Boston and vast outdoor spaces for exploration. Stretching from the serene Berkshires in the west to the captivating coastal destinations like Provincetown and Martha's Vineyard in the east, the state offers diverse experiences, including access to some of the finest seafood in the US.

In Western Massachusetts, the Berkshires entice with rolling hills, providing a remote haven for summering urban dwellers. It offers mountain hiking trails, skiing, a vibrant arts culture, and excellent bouldering opportunities. On the eastern side, coastal gems like Provincetown, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, and Salem beckon with nautical New England charm, offering perfect seaside retreats.

To celebrate this historically rich state, we've compiled the best Massachusetts Airbnb rentals spanning the entire region, from oceanside cottages and woodland cabins to mountain chalets. These accommodations are ideal for exploring the diverse terrain and charming towns that Massachusetts has to offer.

Discover the Top 10 Rental Cabins & Airbnbs in Massachusetts Perfect for Weekend Getaways

  1. Iconic Cabin — Sandisfield, MA

    • Vibe: Mega Cabin
    • Rate: $775/night
  2. Glass Treehouse — Otis, MA

    • Vibe: Fancy Fishbowl
    • Rate: $296/night
  3. Come Back Cottage — Provincetown, MA

    • Vibe: Peace in Ptown
    • Rate: $195/night
  4. Divine Inspiration Cabin — Great Barrington, MA

    • Vibe: Pattern Play
    • Rate: $830/night
  5. Waterfront Artist Cottage — Provincetown, MA

    • Vibe: A Secret Garden
    • Rate: $232/night
  6. All Season Berkshires — Dalton, MA

    • Vibe: Colorful and Classic
    • Rate: $480/night
  7. Cozy Stockbridge Cabin — Stockbridge, MA

    • Vibe: Cozy and Casual
    • Rate: $429/night
  8. Lake Ashmere Cabin — Hinsdale, MA

    • Vibe: Lake House Luxe
    • Rate: $224/night
  9. Lakeside Cottage — Egremont, MA

    • Vibe: Unique Outpost
    • Rate: $250/night
  10. Gift of the Sea — Nantucket, MA

    • Vibe: Fisherman's Delight
    • Rate: $1,598/14 night min

These curated Airbnb options promise unforgettable stays, offering a range of atmospheres from mega cabins and fancy fishbowls to peaceful retreats by the sea. Whether you seek relaxation, outdoor adventure, or a cultural escape, Massachusetts has the perfect accommodation for your next getaway.