Raus, a cabin rental startup, secures €8.5m in new funding

Berlin-based cabin rental startup Raus secures €8.5 million in funding to expand its nature retreats across Europe.

Raus, a cabin rental startup, secures €8.5m in new funding

Raus, a German company offering immersive cabin retreats in nature settings, has received a significant investment of over €8.5 million. This funding round was led by ROCH Ventures, a European venture capital firm, with participation from several other investors, including Rockaway Ventures, Dupuis Investment, existing investors, and the startup's founders themselves. Additionally, Raus secured an asset-backed lending facility from Varengold Bank to support its brand expansion.

With this investment, Raus plans to expand its operations into Austria, strengthen its presence in Europe, establish more community-based locations, enhance its proprietary technology, and develop more immersive nature-based products and services. The company has also introduced Cabin Model 2.0, featuring a lighter construction, modular stairs, advanced technology, and improved panoramic views.

Raus has demonstrated impressive growth in recent years, experiencing a 500% increase in revenue year-over-year, a fivefold growth in the number of guests compared to 2022, and a tripling in new booking volume. This surge in demand is attributed to the increasing desire for mindful and sustainable travel experiences.

Landowners partnering with Raus can benefit from additional revenue streams, including upsells for local breakfast packages and activities. They also maintain control over their land and can opt to receive a share of the revenue or lease the space to Raus.

With a total funding of over €14.5 million, Raus is well-positioned to expand its reach and cater to the growing demand for nature-based retreats. The company's commitment to sustainability and its innovative approach to cabin design have solidified its position as a leader in the eco-conscious travel industry.