Michelin-starred Moor Hall's Four-Figure Luxury Lodges

Luxurious cabins are soon to be offered for rent on the premises of Lancashire's finest restaurant, Moor Hall Restaurant with Rooms, situated in Aughton, West Lancashire. This acclaimed establishment, boasting a rare double Michelin star and a track record of glowing reviews and awards, has faced high demand for accommodations. To address this, Moor Hall is set to introduce a new addition – seven deluxe standalone rooms nestled within the secluded woodlands surrounding its gardens. However, this elevated experience comes at a premium, with prices commencing at £1100 for a dinner, bed, and breakfast package for two.

Michelin-starred Moor Hall's Four-Figure Luxury Lodges

Crafted by KOTO, these new rooms are meticulously designed to celebrate biophilic living, embracing the dynamic interplay between nature, design, expertly-crafted luxury, and sustainability. Each architecturally-designed structure will feature a private deck and a hot tub.

In alignment with Moor Hall's steadfast commitment to sustainable practices, exemplified by its Michelin Green Star recognition, the Garden Rooms adhere to the highest eco-standards. This is evident in their use of sustainable timber and innovative off-site prefabrication for each cabin. Chef Mark Birchall collaborated with KOTO to select seven botanicals that serve as the inspiration for the room designs, drawing a connection between the kitchen garden and the culinary journey of guests.

Regarding the launch of the Garden Rooms, Mark expressed, "Moor Hall is continually evolving. Innovation, sustainability, and delivering an exceptional guest experience are central to our ethos, and I am thrilled about this next phase in our journey. Moor Hall's stunning setting has been a delightful canvas for working with KOTO to design rooms that pay homage to the surroundings and foster a deep connection with the natural world."

The interiors of the seven Garden Rooms exude quality, durability, and understated luxury, featuring muted color palettes inspired by the botanicals to immerse guests in the natural environment. For example, the Anise Hyssop room showcases rich dark timbers, lilac accents, sumptuous velvets, and bronze fixtures. Oxalis is characterized by light woods, origami-inspired furnishings, and purple and burgundy tones. Sea Buckthorn incorporates terracotta shades, bleached wood, earthy textures, and black accents.

Theo Dales from KOTO Design elucidates, "KOTO Design is privileged to contribute to Moor Hall's esteemed legacy with our custom-designed cabins. Aligned with the restaurant's pursuit of excellence and sustainability, our cabins are designed to enhance the guest experience by seamlessly blending design and nature. Much like Chef Patron Mark Birchall draws inspiration from the surroundings, we too draw inspiration from Moor Hall's unwavering dedication to excellence and are delighted to be part of this exciting new chapter."

Initial estimates for the lodges indicated the potential creation of 15 new jobs, delivering an economic boost of £50,000 to the local area and £250,000 to the broader region. With the expanded business, Moor Hall is expected to support a total of 100 employees and contribute £1.8 million to the wider visitor economy annually.