CABN unveils four luxury stays in the Barossa

Renowned tourism operator CABN, celebrated for their distinctive luxury accommodations, has unveiled a stunning addition to their collection of nature-inspired retreats in the heart of the Barossa.

CABN unveils four luxury stays in the Barossa

Four newly introduced CABN X cabins, architecturally designed and custom-built, grace Seppeltsfield, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the Barossa's iconic vineyards while indulging in stylish and eco-friendly luxury lodgings.

Situated with captivating views of the famed Avenue of Palms on Seppeltsfield Road, these new CABN X cabins share a neighborhood with the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery, complementing the five existing CANVS cabins on the same property introduced in March.

In addition, two more CABNs are tucked away on a nearby hidden property, making the Barossa the exclusive destination providing guests with a choice of all three product types: CABN, CANVS, and CABN X.

These four CABN X cabins redefine the nature retreat experience, featuring luxurious interiors with premium comforts such as a spacious king-size bed beneath a glass skylight, a coffee machine, a cozy fireplace, a large indoor bath, a private cedar sauna, and an outdoor Weber kitchen.

Michael Lamprell, CEO of CABN, highlighted the significance of The Barossa as a key destination for CABN, emphasizing the region's ability to enhance the luxurious cabin experiences.

“Our aim is to create nature and destination experiences that leave our guests feeling rested, rejuvenated and connected to nature, and what better place to achieve this than in the heart of Australia’s highly respected viticultural region, the Barossa,” said Michael.

The CABN X at Seppeltsfield provides a true destination experience, with the convenience of being just 500 meters away from the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery. Additionally, it offers easy access to over 80 cellar doors and a vibrant food and wine scene, providing guests with some of the country’s best culinary experiences.

With the introduction of these four CABN X cabins, the CABN Barossa development now boasts a total of eleven cabins, catering to a diverse range of travelers seeking eco-friendly, nature-inspired travel experiences. Whether drawn to the minimalist charm of the CABNs, the eco-friendly design of the CANVS pavilions, or the luxury of the CABN X, visitors to Seppeltsfield can savor the finest that nature has to offer.