Opulent cabins are situated on a cliffside, providing breathtaking vistas of the fjord

Prominent architecture firm Snøhetta has partnered with homeware company Vipp to craft an exclusive collection of luxurious vacation cabins. Perched above a fjord in rural Norway, these compact retreats boast extensive glazing to create the sensation of hovering on the cliff's edge.

Opulent cabins are situated on a cliffside, providing breathtaking vistas of the fjord

The Bolder Star Lodges project comprises four cabins, with three currently finished. Elevated on concrete pillars, their exteriors share an asymmetrical form finished in untreated red cedar, which will gradually weather and blend into the rocky Lysefjorden landscape on the Norwegian west coast. Each cabin is accessible via a Corten steel bridge.

Inside, these cabins span 38 sq m (409 sq ft). The layout is unconventional, with the kitchen and dining area located upstairs, while the ground floor houses a built-in bed overlooking the landscape and a bathroom. Although each cabin's interior varies slightly, they all incorporate decor reminiscent of Vipp's earlier tiny house project, characterized by dark tones and expansive windows. Premium materials such as oak, marble, and leather contrast with raw concrete flooring on the lower level.

Snøhetta also considered the project's environmental impact. Trees removed during construction were reserved for future use, and excavated granite was repurposed in the building process.

Frank Denis Foray of Snøhetta explained, "With the Bolder project, we strived to preserve the nature and enhance the experience of moving in an untouched landscape, with the smallest possible footprint on the surroundings. The cabins are lifted over the ground to create a weightless feeling on the edge of the spectacular, steep mountain sides, diving down into the clear blue fjord. The goal was to create a total experience for the visitors - coming back to a cozy, warm wooden nest with a spectacular panoramic view of the ever-changing weather after a beautiful day of hiking along the fjord."

Although Vipp describes the cabins as "off-grid," they are connected to the power grid but rely on a nearby spring for their water source, which is filtered in a water treatment system.

To experience a stay in one of the Bolder Star Lodges, prices start at NOK4,900 (approximately US$500) per night.