Catskills Retreat Scribner’s Lodge Opens Luxe Cabins

Escape Hospitality has introduced The Rounds at Scribner’s, a modern interpretation of cabin living. Nestled amid woodlands with panoramic views of Hunter Mountain, each Round boasts a unique twelve-sided design, immersing guests in nature's beauty.

In recent years, urban residents have rekindled their appreciation for the refreshing air and stunning vistas of the Catskills. The Rounds offer a heightened cabin living experience, allowing visitors to explore this coveted destination.

Working alongside Escape Hospitality to revamp the 1960s-built Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, design firm Post Company returns to oversee the creation of The Rounds. Inspired by the rich history of sheltering travelers in hut systems, The Rounds consist of individual guest cabins located along the property's northern boundary. They come in two configurations: standard and suite. With five suites (including an accessible one) and six standard Rounds, each unit features a blend of contemporary and vintage furnishings, private outdoor Japanese cedar soaking tubs and showers, and a central oculus for year-round stargazing.

The heart of The Rounds is the Apex Lodge, serving as a communal hub for dining, entertainment, and socializing. Guests can also enjoy access to Scribner’s Lodge's communal spaces and amenities, including the Prospect restaurant.